10-18 months BEFORE - Contact, meet and book Nathan as your photographer. Once you have a venue booked soon after you should book your photographer.

6-9 months BEFORE - Photograph your engagement session. We will work together to chose the right location that fits you as a couple. We will also work with you on styling preparation.

1-2 months BEFORE - Final photographer consultation (in person or via Skype). Working with your planner or coordinator we will help make a photography timeline that fits perfectly with your day.


2-4 weeks AFTER - Nathan will be curating and retouching your final collection and our Studio Manager will reach out to schedule your Collection Preview.

6-8 weeks AFTER - Online Collection Preview where you will see your images for the first time. This is also where you begin to decide how best to display your images after the wedding. We offer a wide variety of products that fully represent the investment you made in your wedding and your photography. You will receive Documentary Proof Book soon after you receive your Online Collection Preview.

4-12 months AFTER - Final products created, custom packaged and delivered. The timeline of this step depends heavily on final product and album approval from the couple and/or family. Wall art pieces typically take less time, albums typically take longer to finalize.